Dreams: Fragile or Forever?

I believe dreams are one of the most intriguing, intoxicating and forceful psychological elements on our planet. They have kept people alive in the middle of jungles and deserts and oceans, created vast empires of wealth, driven record-breaking times, broken the sound barrier, erected skyscrapers, composed beguiling music and typed great tomes—yet conversely, when out of fuel or favor, they have driven people to despondency, hopelessness, crime, war, madness and even suicide.
Dreams flourish in our youth—a meadow of summer wildflowers—but die a silent death over time—to the point we never even realize their heart has gone still. Some say it’s the recognition of this bliss death that is commonly referred to as our mid-life crisis—acknowledging that those wide-eyed and buoyant aspirations of being a lawyer, author, quarterback, entrepreneur, pilot, senator, father, mother, hero, dancer, mountain climber, rock star, guru or warrior simply won’t come to be.
And so what becomes of these foiled dreams? Scattered to the wind, like the ash of dead at the ocean’s edge? Or even in their moribund state, does there remain a holistic shadow that is quietly efficacious, potent—without surrender?
I have asked many about their dreams. Those who have realized them are typically forthcoming—not only about those that they’ve achieved but others that are on their docket. While those folks who have abandoned their dreams often come across as withholding—having fallen short of their aspirations, perhaps burdened with a sense of shame or guilt.
The Dreamers’ Guide to CPR has been written for this very reason. To carry a message of inspiration to those seven billion dreamers in the world (or perhaps just the three or four million who read the book)—bearing the message that no matter one’s generation, income, miscues or station in life, that their dreams can be resurrected, brought back to life, defibrillated. And that no matter how distant it may appear, those dreams are within reach, no further away than their imagination, heartbeat, sweat and fervor.

Chase yours…It’s never too late!  Hoto.